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Learn the secrets of true Italian cooking in a fun and relaxing atmosphere! Our cooking classes, designed specifically for our guests at Villa Petrarca, are taught by our chef Anna (Le Cordon Bleu trained chef and sommelier), who will be showing you some great techniques while helping you discover the regional culture and cuisine.



With their distinctive conical volumes, the Euganean Hills remind us of their origin as an archipelago of volcanic islands that emerged about 35 million years ago. This peculiar morphology and a favorable climate has given rise to the scent and the unmistakable flavor of fine wines, which we will be happy to introduce to you.


Fior d'arancio

Literally meaning “orange blossom”, this is a sweet Muscat wine made from Fior d'Arancio grapes in foaming spumante and extra-sweet, dried-grape passito forms.


This dry, ruby-coloured wine has a smooth and consistently full-bodied flavour. Its aroma reveals cherries/mixed berries fragrances.


Produced from a grape variety which has existed in the region since the 19th century, this bright ruby red wine has refined and fruity fragrances of wild berries such as blackcurrants and blackberries.


A golden yellow still wine with an intense aroma with hints of honey and vanilla.

Pinot Bianco

A smooth, pale straw yellow still wine with a refined and intense aroma with hints of exotic fruit.


Made from the Serprina (Glera) grape variety, this semi-sparkling wine has a fruity aroma and a fresh and harmonious flavour.

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